Näsudden III. ABB-ScanWind build 3 MW windmill with new technology

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This Windformer project have been cancelled
by ABB.

A Vestas V90 - 3 MW will be installed in okt
2002 on the same location at Näsudden, Gotland.

Historic documentation over a windpower project:
"Vattenfall is continuing its programme for large windpower stations. The project Näsudden III
is the third generation of large windpower plants.

The plant will be equipped with new technology designed for large offshore windpower stations.
Näsudden III, however, will be located on shore in order to facilitate evaluation and testing.

The new wind energy concept, Windformer, has been developed by ABB and consists of a
direct-coupled, high-voltage generator with a permanent-magnet rotor. Neither a gearbox nor
a transformer is required with this design, which is expected to reduce energy losses, lower
operation and maintenance costs and longer lifetime. This means a higher energy supply to
the network and considerably lower generation costs.

Näsudden III is part of Vattenfall¹s investments in sustainable energy solutions and will be
financed by Vattenfall, the Swedish National Energy Administration and ABB. It is estimated
that the windpower station will be in operation 2002, providing that all the necessary permits
are granted.

³The project is part of our windpower strategy, which in part focuses on large offshore
windpower stations with the aim of achieving competitive financial viability. At present,
we are also preparing a permit application for three to seven wind powerplants in Kalmarsund,²
says Göran Dalén, who is in charge of Vattenfall¹s windpower development programme.

Vattenfall has been a forerunner in the construction and operation of large windpower stations.
Näsudden I, with an output of 2 MW, was built in the early 1980s. It was replaced ten years
later by Näsudden II, one of the world¹s largest windpower plants with an output of 3 MW.

Rated output: 3 MW, at a wind speed of 13 m/s
Wind range: 5-28 m/s
Estimated annual generation: 8.2 GWh, based on an annual mean wind of 8.1
m/s That is equivalent to the electricity required to heat 410 detached
houses or the domestic electricity consumed by 1 640 households.
Hub height: 70 meters
Rotor diameter: 90 meters
Source: http://www.vattenfall.com

Photo and copyright: Gunnar Britse