Vestas V- 90 - 3 MW Photo: Gunnar Britse

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Blades 1

Blades 2

115 photos from slide film (not corrected)

34 photos from slide film (corrected)

Vattenfall, Sweden has an special area on Näsudden on Gotland for development of windpower.
Just this part of the area was prepered for ABB:s Windformer 3 MW, which project was cancelled
by ABB early this year.

A new project with a commercial version of a V90-3-MW Vestas will be tested here. In oktober will
the installation take part. A prototype of the V90 is already running in Northern Germany and at least
another two are expected to be erected until the end of the year near Husum.
In the background, you can, on some photos, see "Matilda" a two-blade 3 MW wind turbine. which have
the world record in eletrical production.